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  1. I know a spell that would make you well
    Write about love
    It could be in any tense, but it must make sense
    I know a trick, forget that you are sick
    Write about love
    It could be in any form, hand it to me in the morning

    Dear Belle & Sebastian,

    Where do I begin? When can I say I started to love you? It seems appropriate that your new album’s called Write About Love as I’m sat here trying to write as much to you.

    Four years ago, I even bought my ticket for one of your ABC gigs before I even knew I’d been accepted to study abroad. I don’t know if it was blind faith or desperation that willed me to do this. Probably the latter.

    My love for Glasgow is immeasurable. I have pretty fond memories of my life then, looking back. And it’s hard to separate your music from my experiences. Intertwined so much that, to me, you are Glasgow…and vice versa.

    I sent out an innocent tweet this morning and was very grateful to be picked. I’ve never won anything in my life. And as much as I’d have liked to, this was just too much to keep to myself. I kind of want people to know how much you mean to me because I was bursting with happiness this morning. I immediately wanted to share the love. 

    So know that if I stray and announce that _____ is my favorite band, it’s probably just a phase. Because I can’t quit you.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


    p.s. Apologies all. This was mad corny, but it can’t be helped. 


    'Write About Love' is going to be the lead track from the album.

    It will be initially available from our website from Tuesday (7th September) for a very limited time as a free download and also to stream. It will be available on iTunes in the USA only from the same date - but everywhere else has to wait until the official release date in the UK of 25th October. (via B&S website)

  2. "Write About Love" - Write About Love - Belle and Sebastian
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    So, I didn’t win.. =/ lol Btw, just downloaded this from their site and it’s.. oh, so good!
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    I also have to confess, that I too bought Belle & Sebastian tickets before I knew for sure I was coming to Glasgow…....
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